I’ve done all the work inside the room but outside looks like it needs something done to finish it off. I added a large flat prim over the bottom  and gave it a grass texture. I then make a car pack to make it seem more realistic and then a path going from the car park and then into the main door of the building. On the outside of the building I have given it a brick texture. Image

Here is the car pack. The car pack uses a road asphalt texture and then just made some likes using square prims and then made them bright white like a road marking. The path has got a rock texture on it. And on the right you can see the building with its brick textures.


Making Progress

Ive have got most of my build done. I have made tables and chairs for my build. I have got several smaller tables with a chair on both sides and two larger tables with more chairs surrounding it. I made small a candle inside a transparent blue glass and the top of the wick of the candle I have a separate prim with a bright orange glow to look like a flame.

I have also made a couch area surrounding a fireplace. I have also place a coffee table there with and a rug just to make it look a bit more interesting. I just used a very flat square prim for the rug and place on top of the carpet and give it a Persian rug texture which works well. In side the fire place I have put for cylinders in a pyramid layout similar to a camp fire and then given them a wood texture. Then I added a glow to make it seem like they where burning.

I have also put up walls around my build now. Inside I have just kept the textures on them the default texture but colored it a dark brown which seems to look good. I decided to add the walls latter in the build as I wasn’t sure big I wanted the room to be.

snap 4_001

Here is the fire place area

sanp 3_001

This is the table a chairs are with the smaller tables in the front and bigger chairs and the back.


Marking a Start on The Build

Ive made a start on some parts of my build over the last week. First I Started work on making a bar. I used some boxes to make it then added some wood textures to it. I also added some half cylinders on the front which are a plain grey just to give it a more interesting look. I then started making some bar stools to go in front of the bar. I used 4 cylinders and then I made them get skinnier toward the top using the taper tool. Then I used 2 flat squares for the seat its self. I also used a pyramid shape behind the back rest to give it or more stronger look. The 2 squares have a brown leather texture and then the rest of the stool is a dark rosewood texture.



I also started work on making a couch. I used 2 boxes for the base and then tapered the one for the back rest. Then I used two boxes for the armrests and put half cylinders on them so that they could have a more rounded look.Image

Looking For Materials

Ive been looking at textures with in Second Life that I would like to use with in my build. 

For the walls and floors I would like to use different kinds of wood textures.



These are some textures I found in Second Life that I liked I would like to use some of textures for the walls in the room. I also would like to use some of these dark shades of wood for different bits of furniture such as tables, stools and the bar its self. I may use the slated wooded texture for some of the floor but I don’t know if it will work well with the darker textures. 

Image Image


These are some leather textures I found that would be good for making chairs and couches for people to sit on. These textures should fit well with the wooden textures that I have picked out for the room.



This is a carpet texture I found in Second Life. I want to have some carpet in my build mainly where im gonna put the couches for people to sit on but im not really sure if I want to use this color. I may look around some more to see if I can find some different carpets for me to use.


I plan on going to some places in Second Life where they offer free textures to try gather some more.

Project 3 Plans

For my project I was deciding between doing wither a machinima or a build of some sort. I decided to do a build as I do enjoy creating things in virtual environments as i have done it many tames before for in games such as Minecraft. I want to create a place that would be could for people to hang out or socialize in. I decided i want o build a Bar/Lounge type of place. Ive looked online at images and it to be in a sort of fancy English style so I want to used some nice polished would texture and some other sort of light/dark brown textures.


I want to create some thing like this. I like the polished wood look with the brown wallpaper.  I also want to have a bar like this with stools that people will be able to sit on. Possibly people will able to get drinks from the bar and then drink them if i can get it to work. I also want to have some nice lighting similar to this. I want the lights to be sorta dim to get it a more relaxed sort of mood.




I also want to include some old style couch similar to this with brown leather texture to them. I also want to have a fire place burning in the room. I want the fireplace to have a animated fire texture and also possibly make a sort of fire cracking notice when players are near it. Also I may have a persian rug on the floor in front of the fire. I also want to have tables and chairs so that users can sit down and socialize in.

Partipating in a Community

I joined several groups that took my interest but didn’t have much luck with finding activities to join into.

First I joined a group called ” Video Game Legends” Where users could discuss different video games they liked so it was more of a social group. There didn’t end up being any sort of group activities involved with this group which was disappointing.

I then joined a group called “Gold Rush” which was a very large group and it was for this sort of gambling game that users could play. This was an entertainment group but it was really just a place where you could go and play with this slot mcaine like games and didnt really invole interacting with other users

I also joined a group called “New Citizens Incorporated” which is where new users can go to take lessons on basics in second life such as building and scripting. I tried to attend 2 classes one was for role play basics and the other was for building. But both times when I went to the locations and the time of the class I found no one to be there and couldnt find anyone to help me. So that was also disappointing.

Trying to attend the role play lessons at the NCI Beach classroom but no one was there.

Trying to attend the role play lessons at the NCI Beach classroom but no one was there.


Protecting Intellectual Property

How the Permissions systems protects Intellectual Property

I briefly talked about this in my last post. But using permissions is a great what to protect items you have created which is you intellectual property. Say you have crated and item that means something to and you don’t want other to be able to use or have copy’s of. You can give that creation strict permissions so that other users can not modify or take copy’s and then use it some where else in the Second World. Or maybe you don’t mind other people being able to use that item in different parts of second life but you don’t want them to be able to make changes to it as it moves are from the original design. You can set the permissions so it cant be modified so it can only be used in its original state and cant be edited to be someone else s own creation.



Copy Bot is a tool that can be used to export objects from Second Life to your computer in an XML file. Then you can then import the objects back into Second Life from the XML file.

CopyBot can be used as a backing up tool as then is no real back up system offered by Linden Labs. So users can use CopyBot to export and import objects they have created. If you always have physical copy on you local computer and something happens to that item in Second Life you can just import it again. You can also use it to export objects to then import into other places/parcels. It cant however copy scripts at this time.

Protecting and Opening up Your Creations

If you want to protect you creations then you can use the permission settings on your object and make it so no one can copy or modify that object. That way no one will be able to take the object and it will become unique. If ou wanted to open up your creations you could put them in a public place where other users could come and see them or can be invited to come and see. If other users like the object and would like to use it in there own Creation or display it in there own piece of land, then you can let people take copies of the object for themselves.